Who we are, Why we care

Welcome to the MedStop Solutions exchange. We are a small, minority, and women owned business that has a purpose to deliver to you our clients the protective equipment that you need to be safe in this environment.

We at MedStop have similar concerns as you, can we protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and our colleagues.

We endeavor to get domestically produced equipment and as best as possible to source from businesses that have been set up or have pivoted from their normal business to keep people employed during these trying economic times.

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If you've hit a wall or the door has closed, keep looking until you find the window, for there's always a solution.

Dylan Cleppe - CEO of MEDSTOP

Business Model

MedStop brand has evolved through the efforts of OneStop Solutions as a market place to bring need medical supplies to those who need it.

MedStop is committed to a long term solution where buyers won’t be taken advantage of and sellers can access this fragmented market without having to invest in a costly sales infrastructure.

MedStop has both a consumer facing business and a wholesale bulk acquisition and distribution business. The consumer one is built over its own website as well as other channels ie. Amazon. The wholesale business allows large purchasers direct access to MedStop's manufacturer network as well as the MedStop's sourcing team. 

Our Team

Dylan Cleppe

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Dianne McMahon

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

International Team

Lior Segev

Senior Director of Global Sales

Tsun Ng

Operations Manager - Canada

Rest of the Team

Steven Kaye

CRO  Channel Director

Lee Snider

Executive Vice President

Elaine Spieth

Operations Manager - USA

Donovan Deming

Manager of Strategic Planning









MedStop faces the same similar challenges -- shipping and the shipping rules have become uncertain, production lines have become uncertain, and prices vary dramatically from day to day.
If we are not online at the time you reach this site, it is because we are working to secure the equipment for you.
Please leave us a message and we will get back to you with the best information in the shortest timeframe that we can.
Stay safe, stay well,

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