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GuardWipes™ Disinfecting Wipes

DISINFECTING WIPES PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA The Easy, Convenient, and Non-Disruptive Solution to Safe Workplace Traffic GUARDWIPE DISINFECTING WIPES ARE INDUSTRY-STANDARD Most microbes (including COVID-19) are spread through surfaces extensively. This has always been the case, but the current outbreak has made it more visible. Disinfecting wipes have become...
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Disinfectant Wipes

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The Easy, Convenient, and Non-Disruptive Solution to Safe Workplace Traffic


Most microbes (including COVID-19) are spread through surfaces extensively. This has always been the case, but the current outbreak has made it more visible. Disinfecting wipes have become more important than ever.

To keep up with the surge in demand for sanitizing products, disinfecting wipe manufacturers have sped up the production exponentially. However, this high consumer demand has also allowed substandard products to make their way to the market. To minimize the risk of poor quality products, retailers and consumers need to have appropriate information about disinfecting wipes.

Guardsman Global is a disinfecting wipe manufacturer that combines scientific evidence with official regulations to produce pre-moistened wipes. These wipes target broad-spectrum bacteria and viruses, and eliminate 99.9% of pathogens within 20 seconds.

There are two types of wipes:

  • GuardWipe alcohol-based wipes
  • GuardWipe non-alcoholic wipes

Both these wipes have unique qualities and cater to different cleaning requirements. However, some of the qualities are common to both.

Designed, Manufactured, and Distributed in the USA

The COVID-19 Pandemic exposed the need for domestic manufacturers of disinfecting wipes. Our vision is for the US to never rely on another country for cleaning supplies ever again.
See below video of our Chicagoland Wipe Machine at 10% Speed


The foremost requirement to generate an effective sterilizing product is to use standardized ingredients. GuardWipes are produced by taking these quality criteria into account and using FDA and EPA approved constituents only.
Both these regulatory bodies ensure quality control by providing a list of safe, yet effective chemicals for the disinfecting manufacturers. In each disinfectant, the active ingredient is chosen based on its anti-microbial ability.
The main constituent should be able to either kill microorganisms or stunt their growth and potency. All the ingredients in GuardWipes are from that list and additionally tested for their safety.


GuardWipes thoroughly clean hard and non-porous surfaces. Generally speaking, the cleaning efficiency of a wipe depends on two main factors.
  1. The mechanical action of a wipe
  2. Disinfection ability

The disinfecting wipe manufacturers work tirelessly to ensure excellent quality in both these areas to achieve an effective product. GuardWipes guarantee this due to the following steps:



The Mechanical Action of Wipe

Mechanical action depends on the quality and texture of the fabric used by the disinfecting wipe manufacturers. GuardWipes are made of spun-lace material. It is a non-woven and composite type of fabric that contains a variety of fibers, different in shapes and chemistry, to provide high functionality. This improved function ensures strong mechanical action by wipe that swipes most of the microbes away from the surface by adhering them to the wipe.

Disinfection Ability

For substantial disinfection, sterilizing solution present in the wipe should be in proper concentration and potency. According to research, the composite material has extra durability and absorbency. These properties enable GuardWipes to hold disinfectant in bulk concentration and release it on the target surface in high quantity.


The hard surfaces like granite, stainless steel, and porcelain are often difficult to disinfect. The reason is the formation of biofilm on these surfaces by microorganisms. They group to make a sheath-like layer on the surface and become invincible. To break that biofilm, a disinfectant should be able to interact with the surface potently and penetrate through that biofilm.

The diverse fiber types and high absorbance of GuardWipes make them powerful enough to de-tangle this bio-layer and decontaminate the surface effectively.


GuardWipes are ready-to-use, instant pop-up wipes. They are dipped in sterilizing solution and sealed in a packet or bucket.

You may think: why not using a spray and wipe method?

The answer is simple: According to research, using pre-moistened wipes is superior to spraying surface cleaner and swiping a dry wipe on it. It saves time, reduces cost, and gives better results.

Another important quality that makes GuardWipes a superior choice is that they are disposable. Experts recommend a disposable wipe because it significantly minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. GuardWipes also make sure that consumer or retailer does not bear the financial burnt due to repeated purchase. Hence, the bulk cost is adjusted in a way that each piece is priced less than fifty cents.



GuardWipes manufacturers take pride in using constituents that are made in the United States. This alone is sturdy evidence of top-quality ingredients used to manufacture these sanitizing wipes.


Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes by GuardWipes contain 75% to 80% of alcohol. This high concentration of alcohol is crucial for effective anti-microbial activity. FDA and CDC state that sanitizing agents should have more than 70% alcohol to kill coronavirus and other microbial agents; hence, these wipes are FDA-certified. GuardWipes' high alcohol content combats Covid-19 & other harmful bacteria to give expansive microbe coverage.

How Does Alcohol Work As Anti-microbial Agent?

Alcohol is a common antiseptic agent used by disinfecting wipe manufacturers to make cleaning wipes. The type of alcohol used in GuardWipes is ethyl alcohol. It works by disrupting the structural integrity of bacteria and viruses. These microbes are surrounded by cell membranes which are made up of proteins. Alcohol denatures these proteins and kills these living agents instead of hindering their growth only. Alcohol, coupled with spun-lace fabric of these wipes, proves to be a resilient weapon against pathogens.

Alcohol is considered a safer antiseptic because it does not keep the surface wet for a long time. Metallic surfaces are especially vulnerable to rust due to moisture. Many disinfectants kill microbes but damage the surfaces due to repetitive and prolonged use. Alcohol is a highly volatile agent and dries up quickly. This is also why a pre-impregnated wipe is a better choice than a spray cleanser, which needs repeated showers to achieve the desired level of decontamination.

Types of Alcohol GuardWipes

GuardWipes alcohol wipes come in two packing styles:

  • Wipe Bucket
  • Wipe Packs (10, 50, and 80-counts)

Both these are designed for retail & commercial consumers alike:


Wipe Bucket

Wipe Pack


300-count bucket

10, 50, and 80-count packs

Concentration of Ethanol  & Isopropyl Alcohol



Wipe specs

6” x 7”

6” x 8”



Not available

Non-Alcohol Wipes

Non-alcohol wipes have similar non-woven spun-lace material as alcohol-based wipes. However, their disinfecting agent is different. These contain citric acid and L-lactic acid.

How Does Organic Acids Kill Microbes?

Ever heard of lemon juice being an effective surface cleaner? It is due to citric acid present in lemon juice. Disinfecting wipes manufacturers use this acidic content to make a successful surface cleaner. Lactic and citric acids are strong organic acids that kill viruses and bacteria either by dissolving a lipid envelop surrounding microbes or by dehydrating them.

Enveloped viruses are harder to kill because the lipid layer makes them resistive against surface cleaners. However, the strong ability of lactic and citric acids to bind with these lipids, and eventually dissolve them, makes them a remedy against such pathogens. The research suggests that citric acid can kill norovirus, which is the hardest pathogen to fight.

Both these ingredients are certified by FDA as efficacious and safe to use. Moreover, both these ingredients are Eco-friendly and extensively used commercially to manufacture disinfectants.




300 wipes

Disinfectant agent

L-lactic acid and citric acid

Wipe specs




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